We Believe

We believe that wines with beautiful labels taste better. We believe that official oaths would be more appropriately and less divisively taken by placing ones right hand over the heart and ones left hand on a Pantone solid uncoated swatch book. We believe that most design competitions are rigged, money making schemes, unless, of course, we win. We believe that students graduating from design school should know the difference between CMYK and RGB, as well as know their way around an Excel spreadsheet. We believe that our success has come through commitment, accentuating the positive, working really, really hard, and learning from the best. We believe our first accountant thought we'd never make it. We believe we were right in him showing him the door. We believe in the power of 3 and that small can be very big.


Cover illustration by 3&Co's Merideth Harte for Columbia University Press.

Cover design by 3&Co.'s Amy Harte for Penguin.


Book Design—cover to cover and everything in between

Some designers do covers. Others do interiors. We do both.


The Color Purple—A Memory Book of the Broadway Musical—a major 3&Co. book design collaboration with Melcher Media.

Music packaging has always been at the core of 3&Co.'s design portfolio. This series was created for Borders and the NEA.