About 3&Co.


Who doesn't love a sister act?

We certainly do. Admittedly there was a time when we couldn't get far enough away from each other. Yes, we've had our share of classic sibling rivalries. Yes, we fought for parental attention, over the last piece of cake, and who got to ride in the front seat of the station wagon.

We went our separate ways, settling in different corners of the world—New York, Japan and England. We worked for big publishers. We worked for small publishers. We worked with foreign governments!  We grew up. And, realizing that our potential as a whole would always be much greater  than the sum of our parts, we reunited and launched a design studio in NYC. 

16 years, 5 office moves, and 3 weddings later, we still argue, but over different stuff—like design briefs, illustrators, photographers, food stylists, budgets, and the subtleties of selecting the right font.

And the nice thing about 3? You can always break a tie.